Automated transformation of files containing commission and/or premium data from multiple product providers/lenders to a common format required by your backend system.
For aggregators, dealer groups, individual financial adviser and brokerage businesses.

Automate your commission or premium file processing


Powered by Filegroove

CommDIY is powered by our own Filegroove data transformation and orchestration product.
Data transformation technology developed by us has been used in the financial industry for over 2 decades for transforming data like: payroll files, investment/wealth account balances, transactions, agency/agent commissions.

Transaction values representing many billions of dollars transit through systems built by us every year.

Filegroove is a next level data transformation tool built on our expertise and experience in the world of data transformation and based on a revolutionay new technologies developed by our Australian developers that makes the process of mapping new file formats extremely simple and intuitive - which is why we can offer such fast turnaround times on configuring translators for previously unmapped data formats.


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